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With the World's ONLY Activity Suit Made Specifically for Scoliosis.

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Why the SAS?

  • Can be worn all day every day without creating discomfort or dependency
  • Can be easily hidden under clothing
  • Can improve endurance, mobility, and alignment
  • Can benefit both fused or non-fused scoliosis patients
  • Can reduce or eliminate pain
  • Can prevent age-related worsening
  • Wear it as much or as little as you want

Normal Life. Unrestricted.

Continue doing activities like walking, running, golfing, gardening, driving, traveling, sports, household chores, stationary projects.

Every time you move, the ScoliSMART Activity Suit works with your body to untwist your spine - providing relief from pain and improving your life.

Innovative Technology

The ScoliSMART Activity Suit has been designed using careful analysis of body mechanics of patients with scoliosis and specifically engineered to provide two core functions.


When seated or standing for long periods of time, simply release the TENSION BAND, the suit consisting of three base configuration pieces will support your alignment and prevent collapse towards your dominant curve, which is a common cause of time-related worsening and pain.

The suit will provide all-day support and is perfect for sitting or standing in almost any situation. Unlike traditional scoliosis braces, the suit does not use rigid material for support and therefore will not cause dependency due to muscle weakening a common side effect of brace wear.


When ACTIVE attach the TENSION BAND, the suit creates a resistance training effect which stimulates the muscles surrounding your curvature. Each time you take a step the suit activates muscles in your spine, improving spinal stability and function. Every time you take a few steps your scoliosis is getting a mini workout.

With continued use, your spine becomes stronger and movements easier, improving your posture and decreasing or eliminating pain.

The ScoliSMART Activity Suit Pieces

Our Patent Pending ScoliSMART Activity Suit uses active resistance to do what no brace will ever be able to. Wear it over or under clothing for a few hours, or all day, and go about your normal activities.

(Tap on the circles to learn about the pieces)

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How can I get one?

Until now, the only way for an adult to get a ScoliSMART Activity Suit was to visit one of our fitting centers or participate in one of our BootCamps. Now you can easily purchase one from the comfort of your home! Since the Activity Suit is still a prescription product, we do have a 3-step approval process.

the process

Getting approved starts with completing our application form where you provide measurements, current X-ray, a full body image and a copy of your Driver’s License.

get approval

Each application and X-ray is evaluated by our doctors to determine if the SAS is right for you. After the evaluation an purchase approval is sent.

start using

When you receive approval just enter your payment or financing confirmation and we’ll send your custom made SAS right to your door!

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